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Quasar is an open source project, a collection of data analysis toolboxes extending the Orange suite. We empower researchers from a variety of fields to gain better insight to their data through interactive data visualization, powerful machine learning methods and combining different datasets in easy to understand visual workflows.

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Freely build visual data analysis workflows that help answer your scientific questions. Combine widgets that share input and output types. There are infinite possibilities!

Unite experiments

A whole is always more than the sum of parts. Although our journey started with (hyper)spectral data through the Orange Spectroscopy toolbox, Quasar intends to add file readers, processing tools, and visualizations for multiple measurement techniques. This will allow the discovery of new scientific insights through multimodal data analysis.

Meet the family

Orange is a general purpose machine learning and visualization platform which can be extended. Quasar is a variant of Orange and includes pre-installed toolboxes for scientific data analysis. Another member of the Orange family is Single Cell Orange, specializing in genomics data.

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Quasar is a collaborative effort of many institutions. We aim to benefit the entire scientific community through open source, democratic data analysis.

We hope that you will join our effort!

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